Monday, 12 December 2011

Magicka v. +12 DLC (2011/Multi5/Repack by PUNISHER)

Magicka v. +12 DLC (2011/Multi5/Repack by PUNISHER)

Year:2011 | Eng/Fr/Ger/Spa/Rus | PC | Developed: Arrowhead Game Studio | Published: Paradox Interactive | 646.35 MB
Genre: Arcade / 3D / Isometric

Adventure, a magical action, based on Norse mythology. Four valiant magicians of a mysterious order, had the easy share - to save the world from raging in earnest dark magician and his bloodthirsty crowds of supporters ....

To cope with the plague, have cast a long, hard and preferably as soon as possible more sophisticated. By creating a deadly combination of a variety of spells, characters will carry into the world of good ... And woe to anyone who inadvertently turned up their hands!

The game represented a unique magic system, which allows you to create a lot of incredible spells. Confront the monster will be brave magicians of all colors and sizes - from small minions to gigantic dragon of darkness. Not forbidden to save the world in splendid isolation, but it is recommended to invite friends along with them you can get the storyline campaign, as you can - face off in several multiplayer modes.

The epic adventure v campaign, consisting of thirteen levels, as well as special versions of the game;
v You can share passing to support up to four participants, both on the network and one computer;
v «Magic Designer" to create multiple combinations of spells;
v Various ordeals and interesting puzzles;
v The unique humor and parodies of all sorts of fantasy cliches.

System requirements:
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7/Vista/XP (SP2) 7
Processor: Intel Pentium IV with 2.4 GHz or AMD 3500 +
Hard drive space: 760 MB
Sound device: compatible with DirectX ® 9.0c
Video: 3D-graphics adapter with 128 MB VRAM compatible with DirectX ® 9.0c, supporting 32-bit color and pixel shaders

Features RePack
- It is based on a license from 1C-SoftKlab
- Do not cut / recoded
- Version
- Installed DLC: Vietnam, Wizard's Survival Kit, Marshlands, Nippon, Final Frontier, The Watchtower, Frozen Lake, Party Robes, Gamer Bundle, Caverns, Support Robe, Tank Robe.


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