Friday, 2 December 2011

JOM LAYAN GAME!_ Dungeons and Dragons Daggerdale

Dungeons and Dragons Daggerdale Mediafire | 2.74 GB

The Forgotten Realms are under attack by the evil Zhentarim in Dungeons & Dragons: Daggerdale, another thrilling adventure in the world’s most popular fantasy role-playing game. D&D: Daggerdale centers on the desperate struggle to defeat the evil Rezlus and his Zhentarim in their attempt to invade and conquer the Dalelands. The game offers a multi-player experience that introduces a riveting narrative and treacherous new characters. Players are charged with the task of restoring order to Nentir Vale by unlocking the secrets of the Mines of Tethyamar, defeating the evil within the treacherous Tower of the Void, leading to the final confrontation with Rezlus himself.
Action-packed RPG gameplay allows for solo and co-op play for up to four players.
Gamers use intuitive pick-up-and-play combat combined with a wide assortment of weapons, feats and powers to defeat a wide range of deadly enemies.
Dungeons & Dragons Daggerdale boasts an array of stunning levels and exploration opportunities set in the richly detailed environments.

Minimum System Requirements:
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 or AMD Phenom II x2 555
GFX: ATI Radeon HD 3870 or NVIDIA GeForce 9800 or faster
Peripherals: Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller for PC, Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Controller for Windows, Logitech Gamepad F310/F510/F710
Other: 256 Kbps+ recommended for multiplayer
Unpack the release
Mount or burn the .iso image
Copy all files from the SKIDROW folder to the game folder
Play !
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