Monday, 21 November 2011

VSO Bluray Converter Ultimate v1.2.0.6

VSO Bluray Converter Ultimate v1.2.0.6

Windows 7/Vista/XP (32/64 bit)

Convert any Blu-ray video or AVCHD structure to DVD video (with menu) or other video formats supported by most popular devices like PS3, XBOX360, DivX home player, iPod, iPhone, iPad...

Complete conversions in no time with the fast and smart encoder and achieve the best quality possible.

Perfect quality
Use our quality advisor to adjust the settings of your project to get the best quality.

Adjust settings and fine tune output quality before you start the conversion process.
Blu-ray To DVD also uses our advanced Image Filter to converts images down from HD to SD (for compatibility with any DVD player).
The image filter has already proven itself to be one of the best image resizing solutions on the market today.

Simplified with Advanced technology
Our advanced discriminator technology does all the hard work for you behind the scenes.
Whether you want to convert a movie or a Blu-ray series, the discrimintor presents the main files you need and insures the correct ordering of the files.

This means no more sorting through long lists of video files wondering which file is the right one to select - our software does it all for you.

Films with multiple angles
A special preview module helps you choose which angle you want to convert.

Optimized for multi-core processors meaning you get even faster conversions.

After selecting your source, the software will analyze it using our discriminator technology to find the type of content it contains:

* only one main movie,
* movies with bonus content (like making of, directors comments...),
* multi-version movie (like short & long versions...),
* series type (where all episodes will be listed separately)
* multi-angle video (each angles will be listed separately). If this type of video is found, you will have access to a preview module displaying only the difference between the angles to select the good one.
* ...other type of content will be added regarding Blu-ray video we are testing.

You can select the video sequences, the audio track and the subtitle track you want to keep.
For the subtitle feature, if you select DVD profile the subtitles will be encoded as DVD subtitle (and you will can show/hide them using remote control).
If you choose a single file profile (like PS3, iPod, iPhone, XBOX 360...) the subtitles will be directly hard coded in video.

Choose the output profile, the maximum target size of the output file(s), the DVD menu template (if DVD profile is selected)... and more.

A visual helper displays the final video quality regarding total video size to convert, the maximum target size and the selected profile to help the user to found the good settings.

The project can be automatically be burnt after the conversion by checking the option "Burn final result after successful rip" (this option can be changed while converting too)

Option to shut down or hibernate your computer at process end.

Some other features are not listed and some other will be added in future version.

Output profiles:

- PAL 4/3 or 16/9
- NTSC 4/3 or 16/9
Apple Devices
- iPhone1,2,3
- iPhone - (TV Output for dock connector use)
- iPad
- iPhone 4
- iPhone touch
- iPhone - (TV Output for VGA adapter use)
Generic Video
- Standard Definition 4/3
- Standard Definition 16/9
- High Definition 720p
- High Definition 1080p
Game Console
- XBox 360 SD
- XBox 360 HD 720p
- XBox 360 HD 1080p
- Playstation 3 SD
- Playstation 3 HD 720p
- Playstation 3 HD 1080p
- Nintendo Wii
- Sony PSP
- Nintendo DS Lite/DS/DSi/Dsi/Dsi XL


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