Sunday, 20 November 2011

USDownloader v1.3.5.9 Portable (19.11.2011) | 6.3 MB

USDownloader v1.3.5.9 Portable (19.11.2011) | 6.3 MB

Letitbit & Filesonic
USDownloader - This program can also be called RapidShare Downloader and other words. But in Russian – this is universal rocker from the sites that allow you to put on a file. It’s no secret that some of these sites provide only a pump flow, and one file at a time. Plus part still is a pause in the hour / two before a race the next file. Remember that the download, there is – is difficult. And on the clock when you can economize swing and when not to. For those who just want to score a link to leave your computer and make sure that the program will download all the time, and not a minute has passed in vain, and I wrote this program. The program recognizes the part of the security codes, which helps to fully use services including blind people.

Build is recommended to install a new directory, or you copy the directory with the already established USD, delete all folders / files. Leave can only file USDownloader.lst (download list). We can not leave the file USDownloader.ini (setup program), or automatic recognition may not work!

How to use:
1. Download the latest version of the program
2. Unzip (right-click on the downloaded file – get the current folder)
3. Run USDownloader with a green icon – Ball
4. Click the “+” on the main window
5. Paste the link (or a few links with the window itself will increase), which must be pumped and choose where to save the file. Click “OK”
6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for all links
7. Click “Start” button (the button “Play”)
8. The program will upload files


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