Monday, 21 November 2011

easyHDR PRO 2.11.2 Multilingual

easyHDR PRO 2.11.2 Multilingual

With easyHDR PRO, get your digital photos closer to what youve seen with your own eyes. Say goodbye to unwanted over- and underexposures. EasyHDR PRO was created to be a useful and reliable image processing program which produces High Dynamic Range images. You will get neat results even if the photos are taken in very difficult lighting conditions. A HDR image is produced from a sequence of photos taken with different exposure settings. It has to be tone mapped, so it can be displayed on a computer screen or printed. If the photos are taken hand-held (without a tripod) the photo alignment tool (automatic as well as manual) can be used. With the manual tool it is possible to compensate for shift, rotation, scale and perspective misalignments. The final result can be further post-processed with build-in filters, which include: sharpening, blur, noise removal, white balance as well as selective color tone modification. The program is capable of importing various file formats: JPEG, TIFF, FITS (used in astrophotography cameras), Radiance RGBE (HDR image) and nearly all digital camera RAW formats, by all vendors.

If you have hundreds of photos to process youll also find batch processing very useful. Just create a task list, start processing and wait for the results

Here are some key features of easyHDR Pro:

Image file format support loads: 24/48/96-bit TIFF (uncompressed or deflate compressed), Radiance RGBE (.hdr), 24-bit JPEG, 24-bit BMP and FITS saves: 24/48-bit TIFF (with or without compression), 24-bit JPEG (without loosing EXIF data), Radiance RGBE (.hdr) and 24-bit BMP.

Built-in converter: DCRAW can convert RAW images from most

digital cameras:.RAW; .RW2; .CRW; .CR2; .RAF; .MRW; .NEF;

.ORF; .DNG; .PEF; .X3F; .DCR; .KDC and .SRF) to extended dynamic range, 48-bit TIFFs (without quality loss).

Manual alignment: uses a planar stretching method to compensate for shift, scale, rotation and perspective misalignment.

Auto alignment: easyHDR is able to automatically compensate for shift and rotational misalignment.

Features 3 HDR generation methods: True HDR, Smart Merge and simple Image Stacking.

HDR generation with an anti-blooming option.

Global and local tone mapping operators with Local Contrast function.

Curve adjust tool.

Histogram black & white point clipping. Manual or automatic.

Preview: process only a selected area or the whole, resized photo.

Program settings can be saved to a file and later loaded. You can also save and load entire projects.

Batch processing you can prepare a list of image sequences (with associated settings) or previously saved projects, choose result file format and destination directory, click Do all button and leave easyHDR to do the whole job automatically. You can also do LDR enhancement or HDR file generation only (without tone mapping).

Postprocessing, while still working on floating point data (no quantization losses). Available are: gaussian blur, unsharp mask, median and bilateral (noise removal) filters and also two color adjustment tools: neutral point (white balance) and sample/target balance.


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