Sunday, 20 November 2011

Avira Antivirus Premium 2012 + Key

Avira Antivirus Premium 2012 + Key

Avira AntiVir Premium places 6 extra layers of security in front of the award winning technologies at the centre of our basic antivirus. It doesn’t just wait and sort out a virus only when it arrives at your PC. Now it stops problems before they even reach you through the internet.

So you can feel much more comfortable, spending much more time online.

-Avira Scanner detects known viruses, worms and Trojans
-AntiAd/Spyware protects you against spyware and adware
-AntiPhishing protects you against identity theft attacks
-AntiRootkit keeps you safe from hidden malware

-Avira Guard prevents infection from viruses, worms and Trojans
-Avira ProActiv spots unknown viruses by how they act
-AHeADTechnology halts unknown code that looks suspicious
-WebGuard keeps you away from malicious websites
-AntiDrive-by stops sneaky malware downloads while you surf
-MailGuard scans all your incoming and outgoing emails

-QuickRemoval eliminates viruses with one click
-GenericRepair fixes your PC fast, solves problems automatically
-RescueSystem helps restart your PC in an emergency

-ExpressInstallation no awkward options, just fast protection
-NetbookSupport works fast on low resolution, low memory laptops
-AviraSupport to answer your questions

System Requirements

Windows XP (32 or 64 Bit), SP2
Windows Vista (32 Bit or 64 Bit), SP1
Windows 7 (32 Bit or 64 Bit)

Min. 256 MB RAM (Windows XP)
Min. 1024 MB RAM (Windows Vista, Windows 7)

Min. 150 MB (additional temporary and quarantine space needed)

Administrator rights are required for installation under Windows.


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